LLED 462

Learning Curation Post #5

Prompt for Module 7:

What are the characteristics and roles of the teacher librarian as an educational leader? What do you think is important to sustaining collaboration and networking in the library? 

My Curation:

This was an interesting curation for me because it really highlighted that the role of the TL is so flexible and all-encompassing, it doesn’t need to be any different in the DL setting. The TL supports the learning community, both in person and virtually. Every one of the roles and/or characteristics I outlined here would be the same in either environment.

In my curation, I organized my thoughts into 9 characteristics/roles of the TL. I believe all of these are important for sustaining collaboration because all of them contribute to the relationships and community in which collaboration thrives.

View the curation here: 


(Can you find all 10 points?)

Note: I used Thinglink for this curation post. As recommended by a classmate in the discussion forums, it is a tool that allows students to create interactive images and videos. It was incredibly fun and easy to use! I recommend you try it too!