LLED 462

Learning Curation Post #3


Prompt for Module 3:

A grade two student comes into the library, on his own, to choose books. He is usually an enthusiastic science book fan (insects, tigers, sharks). He looks sad and defeated and says: “My Mom says that from now on I have to have take out chapter books to help my reading and they have to be a 2.4”.

What do you do/say? How do you help this student? Who do you involve? How do you turn this dilemma into an opportunity?

My Curation:

This prompt is very relevant to my current position because I often hear from worried parents about their child’s reading levels and how it compares to their grade level. In fact, I have experienced almost this exact scenario with the parent in the room. These parents just want the best for their child and don’t necessarily know how important choice is in the development of a reading identity.

A school library learning commons must be a leader in the school for disseminating information to the school community. This is no different in a DL school. Thus, this week’s post is very much a curation of ideas. I have organized my ideas into categories then added quotations from current research and ideas from the course discussion forums.

My hope is that this provides a resource that I can turn to next time I face this question from a parent. Better yet, the ideas for turning this kind of scenario into an opportunity can serve as inspiration for my practice next year and well into the future.



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