LLED 462

Learning Curation Post #2

Prompt for Module 2:

Make note of what caught your attention in the readings and graphics. We heard in the readings, the phrase “the library is the hub of the school”. In Library to Learning Commons by Hayes we heard about her recipe for success. Based on your thoughts, the readings and your current or projected educational environment, create your own recipe for a school library as a place of literacy and learning.


My curation:

This prompt forms a solid foundation for my first goal: understanding the role the SLLC plays in a school and the achievement of its students. All of the ingredients in this recipe are all necessary for a successful SLLC, though they are not an exhaustive list. Just like with food recipes, there are a wide variety of ways to create a similar outcome – the recipe a person chooses must meet their tastes, situation, and available ingredients. In keeping with this thought, I have also included some reflections at the end for how this might play out in my DL school, which is the beginning of addressing goals #2 and #3.

SLLC – A Recipe for Success

Note: I am attempting to use a different technology tool for each post – tools that are new to me, or the particular use is new to me. In this post, I used Google Slides to create a multi-page PDF design. I had never thought to use Google Slides as a page design tool until it was suggested to me at a recent Pro-D event. It was so easy to use, I’ll certainly be passing this on to my students.